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Terms & Conditions

Customer Care

Being that we can offer service from any of the top carriers in wireless and home internet, we have no loyalty to one brand. Our loyalty remains with our customers. We believe in educating our customers and clients on how to properly manage their wireless and internet services while also offering a broader viewpoint of the entire industry.

We accomplish this goal through our working relationships with brands like AT&T, Spectrum, & T-Mobile. We have the ability to view the best promotions & plans while customizing packages to fit the needs of our customers. Remember, YOU DESERVE TO KNOW WHAT EVERYONE CAN OFFER YOU! 

Privacy & Safety

Listen, this is a sales company! However, we hold our representatives to a higher standard. Any and all information obtained is properly managed in a secure CRM system and will only be used to service the person whose information is in the CRM system. WE DO NOT SELL ANY INFORMATION, PERIOD!

"The most annoying thing is trusting someone with information and they use it to make money in an unethical well that goes against the original intent of receiving the information." A quote from our owner!

Our virtual meetings are meant to add convenience to a business that in most other ways is extremely inconvenient. We will never record our virtual meetings. We require our representatives to be in a secure place with no outside distractions or interference during our meetings. All meetings are administered through secure video conferencing software such as Zoom or Google Meets. Trusted and verified sources for business to business & business to consumer virtual meetings.

Sponsorship Inquiries

We are always looking for opportunities to engage with our local business community. Events are a great way for us to accomplish that goal while being able to obtain new clients/customers. If you have a sporting event, concert, podcast, or any unique opportunities that you feel would be a mutually beneficial experience please feel free to reach out to us to start the conversation and see how we can do business together while interacting with our local communities. Please use the contact us page with the subject line "Sponsorship Opportunity" and our owner will reach out to you!

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

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