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DEFY Wireless Help Center

  • Which Company Do You Sell For?
    We do not sell for any company... We work our relationships with each major brand respectfully and utilize that relationship to truly serve our customers. There is no one brand over the other. We put the customers needs on the table and find the deal that best fits those needs.
  • What if I don't like a particular carrier?
    There is no perfect carrier. Please understand that each carrier will have "bad press" if you dig deep enough. What we encourage all customers to focus on is their individual and their families needs. Once you focus on these things and have a TRUE EXPERT like the ones here at DEFY Wireless, you will have no logical issue working with any of our service providers! You are working with them through us, which offers much higher quality of service! It's all about you the customer and what you are paying for! Nothing Else!!
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